Ahh, Sunday.

It's been quite the week.
Monday and Tuesday were long boring days.
Wednesday, Larissa and I went to cowabunga bay! It wasn't all that great, I'm not complaing though.
She's moving back to Utah (finally) in October! And I couldn't be more excited.
I got to spend all Wednesday with her.
Thursday I made the mistake of going to the first concert of the Twilight Series.
Although Modest Mouse was epic, and amazing and all that jazz, the crowd was horrid.
I will not be attending anymore. But it's whatev.
Friday, I worked, picked Larissa up and had a sleep over at my house.
Saturday, spent a little more time with her. Woke up feeling icky. Called in sick to work.
I think I possibly have strep, not fun.
Today, went to church, had my patience tested in primary, I love my class though.
Well, Happy Sunday!

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