I Like It.

Alright I have a few matters of business.
FIRST, if you haven't heard Enrique Iglesias' new song 'I Like It', go download it now.
It's wonderful. It's succesfully planted itself into my head.
SECOND, I finally watched Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. Surprisingly, I liked it. Very much so.
Except the end. That was not my favorite.
THIRD, I also watched the movie According to Greta, please never waste your money on that movie.
It was l a m e.
FOURTH, twilight series much? Check out the line up. PURE GOODNESS.
FIFTH, Tuesday was Josh's birthday, and today is my sister Whitley's birthday. Josh is 18 and Whit is 21.
Both great ages. Love you both.
SIXTH, well there isn't one. But I am in need of new music again.
Please help me out and leave a comment with your current favorites.
Happy Wednesday.

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