Today was a beautiful day.
I wish it would have been warmer. But beggers can't be choosers.
I woke up around 9. Not too shabby.
Sat around for a while till noon or so.
Got ready and headed over to meet my mom for lunch.
Met a big dog, I mean big, named Lou.
Drove over to Courtney's. Shopped for swim suits. With no money.
(we both start our new jobs on Monday)
Sat at the park for what felt like forever, going through our contacts to find someone to hang out with.
We finally decided to pick Scott up.
We played some billards and air hockey.
Collin came over. We visited. Drove a little.
Courtney Scott and Collin left.
I went and saw Nik. He had his wisdom teeth taken out today. Poor boy. Haha.
Now I'm home. Watched Wife Swap with my mom. So over dramatic, I loved it.

None of this really tells you why it was such a beautiful day. Just average.
Amazing what a good mood can do for you.
Happy Friday.

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