Monday Overview.

Woke up and got ready then headed over to Pinnacle for training.
Wooohooo! A whole almost 8 hours. Good news, I get to do it again Thursday and Friday.
It was interesting though. I learned a lot that I had never known about security companies in general.
Anyway, that took up most of my day.
I drove home. Ate wayyy too much pizza and crazy bread.
And now I'm sitting on my bed, blogging, and what-not.
Being a couch(bed) potatoe.
This job is going to burn me out.
But I don't really have a problem with sadly.
What's even more sad is that I'm considering going to bed.
It's only 7:40. Whoa.

Oh and it's raining outside.
I love it. Here's a lovely picture I snapped. I can't get enough of the rain.

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