All I can think about lately is how close it is to summer and school coming to an end.
It feels so far.
I feel so far.
I can't really explain how I'm feeling.
I think I'm missing something.
But I can't seem to figure out what that something is.
It must not be too important if I don't know what it is, right?
Hmmm. I'm in a weird funk. Gotta shake it off.
I'm nervous for finals. NERRRVOUS.

Some things I like about this weekend:
-how hard Hayden laughs when Nik says, well, pretty much anything.
-how it feels to sleep at home with my family.
-how plato's closet will buy my clothes that have no purpose from me.
-how there's roughly only 3 weeks left of school.
-how Kaleb told me he loved me tonight, in a sincere friend way.

I'm seriously hoping that I don't have strep throat. Booo. I hate being sick.

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