Forecast For This Week.

Finals week!
Fit for life final today.
Math final tomorrow.
Public speaking final Wednesday.
Business law final due Friday!
Ah, it feels so good to know that I have almost completed two whole semesters of school.
It's gone by so fast. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that's how it'll be always be.
I've made so many memories that I'm going to keep forever.

Math study group tonight. Can't wait.
Gunna kick this math class butt.

Movin' on out Thursday.
I can't wait for that day.
I'm so ready for it to be summer.
To live with my family again and to work. (haha not really about the work part)

Mostly just to be out of school.
Not excited to scrub this apartment from the floor to the ceiling though.
I'm a little sad to be leaving. Only a little though.

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