Roughly 21 days until I will be moved back in with my family.
I seriously can't wait.
I have nothing but high expectations about this summer.
Yeah, I'm gunna work a lot.
Yeah, I don't get to go to Lake Powell.
Yeah, I'm gunna be living under parent's rules again.
But none of this matters. At all.
I can't wait to have rules honestly.
Working a lot is going to help me save up for school.
And honestly there's nothing positive about not going to Lake Powell.
(I'm sad I can't go)
OH, found a positive. There's always next summer.

I have the allergies of spring, however, the weather wont act like spring.
I had my hair done this weekend.
I'll post pictures when I get back to my apartment.
(which is where my computer cord is)

I should sleep. I want to sleep.
Sleep sounds good.

I didn't get to see my mom this weekend.
She's in Portland. Spoiled. Spoiled. Oh well.
I miss her. And Henry, Carly, Mark, Juno, Tinka, Shea, little B and big B and the one on the way.
See mom, we should just live in Oregon. We have so much family up there.
We'll just take Gma & Gpa Slide with us.
Deal? DEAL!

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