Weekend's Agenda.

Take a business law test, which I'm hardly ready for.
Drive to Lindon to meet with Pinnacle Security for an interview. (wish me luck)
Pick Mallory up from school.
Drive to my parent's house in Saratoga.
Hopefully catch up on the last two episodes of Lost.
Wrestle with Hayden for a little bit.
Meet Hannah and her Jeff at Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
See my boys later tonight, play some pool or something.

Prom dress shopping, maybe?
Festival of colors!
I don't really have anything planned for the rest of the day.

Church, I need to attend this week.
Have dinner with my family.
Drive back to Ephraim. (boo)

It's currently snowing. A lot.
I have some serious issues with Utah's weather right now.
Maybe I just currently have a lot of issues?

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