Inside My Head.

I wanted to take the time and write a little about what's going on in my life right now.

Lets start with my family.
Mallory is 16 and about to get her license, she's so close and I'm so scared. She's really into photography, she's getting better and better all the time. She's done some family shoots and just one person shoot. Let me know if you're interested.
Riley is almost 14. He's taller and bigger than me already. He's getting facial hair and starting to like girls instead of thinking they're 'icky'. He'll go to Westlake High School next year. WOW.
Caleb is 10 and is still a mama's boy. He's so sweet, he just chooses not to show it. He loves to spend his time outside with his friends building forts and shields for their frequent airsoft wars that they have.
Hayden is 7, the baby of the family. He's got the most nick names of the family hands down, booger (my favorite), Rico, motor mouth, handsome devil, etc. He is a wonderful reader and is so smart it amazes me. He still thinks girls are 'icky'.
Mom and Dad are wonderful. Working hard to provide for our family and to send me to school. I miss them so much and appreciate their support and love for my siblings and I.

My friends.
I have been blessed with good intentioned, goal oriented friends. They've all taught me so much, about them and even myself. Spring break was so great. I had an awesome time just being able to spend time with them.
I get the opportunity to attend UCAS (the school my sister attends) prom this year. Josh asked me to go with him. I can't wait. It's like Courtney said "the prom I never had". I'm very excited to go with Mallory, Josh, Tania, and everyone else will be there. Now I just have to decide what to wear. Haha.
It's around that time where some of my closest guy friends are going to be leaving to serve The Lord. It's bitter sweet really. I will miss them all so much, but it's important to them, me, and many other people that they are doing this wonderful thing.
I am so very thankful for all the friends in my life right now. I miss all of you back at home so much.

My education.
I'm closing in on my second semester of college. It's crazy to me how fast it's all gone by. It's been a lot of work but I know that it's going to pay off, and boy, I can't wait for that day that it finally does. I'm studying business management, and yes, it is as boring as it sounds. Unless you LOVE numbers and statistics and rules (in that case you're weird).
I really enjoy Snow College. It's been a great growing/learning experience.

All in all I feel everything in my life is 'in synch'. It's nice. I'm content.

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