Loose ends.

A lot of thoughts floating around in my head this past week.
I'm not sure what to do about them.
I miss a lot of things that I used to have and have some how lost.
Most of those things being people of course.
I think more about it and I lost those people when they lost themselves.
I wish for them to come back one day and maybe things can be the same.
But I don't want to waste all my time wishing for something that's as far fetched as me getting to marry Usher.

I need to learn to vent more often and express what I'm feeling or thinking.
I also need to learn how to hide my feelings and thoughts better.
This situation really makes no sense at all.
But it needs to happen.

Boys always say that girls are SO confusing and hard to figure out.
Well yeah, I beg to differ. Like, really.
But I guess I have a while to deal with that.

Lately I've had constant thoughts of owning my own business someday in the back of my head.
I want to start making plans now. I feel like I need too.
These ideas seem so untouchable, but I guess that's why they're called dreams yeah?
I don't know that I'll be satisfied until I conquer them.

I need a vacation, good thing spring break is coming.
Although, I am incredibly upset about the snowfall today.
Yes it was so pretty but so not wanted.

I need new inspiration in my life.
Something new really.

I feel like I'm wasting all my time with "I need this.." and "I need that.."
I really am so greatful for everything that I have now in my life.
My wonderful family who's always there.
And my friends who never let me down.
I don't know that I could ever thank you enough.

But for now, I feel content.

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