I've notice in the past little while that older people, such as some one my Grandma's age, aren't adapting well to the changes that have come along as far as technology goes.

For example, my Grandma, Grandpa and I were out for dinner one night, and every single time a cell phone would ring, my Grandma would ask me "is that mine?"
It wasn't just the cell phones that had a standard "ring-ring" to it, it was every cell phone.
From Queen, to the verizon default ringtone.

I love teaching my Grandma how to text using the T9 program.
I also taught my dad.
I love when we're able to switch roles.

However, I wish we could go back to writing letters.
Even if not that far.
Just to where every one knew how to communicate, how to function a healthy relationship, and how to maintain friends.

I'm not denying that all this has made day to day things easier and more sufficent.

I just think we're loosing something that we may not be able to get back.
Or creating a problem we wont be able to mend.

It's only down hill from here.

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